The mission of SWAT is to support the Sheriff’s Office with a tactical response to critical Incidents such as:

  • Barricaded subject(s)
  • Hostage situations
  • Sniper situations
  • High-risk apprehension
  • High-risk warrant service
  • Dignitary protection
  • Special assignments 
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Response
  • Jail Searches

The Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team shall provide the citizens of Jefferson County with a highly trained,versatile unit, available on a 24 hours a day basis, capable of safely and successfully resolving a variety of situations. SWAT members shall maintain the highest degree of professionalism by the following means:

  • A deep abiding reverence for human life, resulting in a firm resolve that all possible tactical alternatives be exhausted before employing deadly force.
  • A conviction that consistent and intensive training is tantamount to continued success in all operational aspects of the team.
  • A commitment to the belief that members of this entity must function as a team.
  • That the overall success of each mission is a direct result of individual team members acting in concert with one another.
  • An enduring effort by each team member to maintain the high standards of mental and physical health. 
  • That vital tactical skills be maintained through an ongoing documented training program. A continuing process of honest introspection into workings of the team for the purpose of guarding against complacency and mediocrity.
  • Above all, recognition that we are part of a larger organization, the department. That our level of success is dependent, in large measure, on the support of the Sheriff, the department, and all entities within.
  1. Rob Peter


  2. Brian Rossomanno