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What DARE Means to Me

By Brittany

Windsor Fifth Grade Center

Deputy Dave Davis DARE instructor

DARE means a lot to me. It means a safe community where I can live and go to School without being afraid. It helps kids understand that abusing drugs can

ruin your life as well as the lives of others around you. DARE gives kids the chance to meet with the Police and other leaders to talk openly about drugs, without being laughed at or being afraid that our questions are stupid. It helps me learn that there are many drugs that can affect our minds and our health. Most of all DARE means Safety.

If you ask most kids my age about drugs they will either laugh or tell you it is no problem to them. But that isn’t really the truth. I have learned from DARE that drugs are everywhere. On TV, on the Internet, in magazines, and even at sporting events like baseball games. I can see how drugs have affected some of my friends families. Some kids have had family members die because of drugs. DARE has taught me that abusing drugs means hurting people you love.

DARE has to be a part of everyday life with us. It wasn’t so important when my parents were growing up. It is now. As a kid today, even though there are no Drugs or alcohol in my home, I can still see the pressure it puts on my friends because they are exposed to it. DARE has taught me how to be a good friend to those who need the support. It is teaching me to be strong and confident in what I believe.

"It is DARING me to be different"

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House Springs Wal-Mart April 21, 2007


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