Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office announced that he has instituted a program geared toward youthful offenders who have recently received their driver's license or permit.

During this time of year, the Sheriff's Office receives numerous calls on reckless driving on school property and around schools throughout the County.  Through the administration of this program, the Sheriff's Office hopes to correct reckless behavior and bad driving practices before they lead to serious or fatal accidents.

The Slow Down & Live program is designed to intervene when a young driver displays poor judgment or dangerous driving behavior.  The Slow Down & Live program encourages citizens to call in and report dangerous drivers.

Slow Down & Live will take the information about the driver, his vehicle, and the dangerous driving behavior and track down the offender.  After locating the driver, intervention is conducted with the driver, his parents in order to correct the dangerous behavior.  The program's intent is not to prosecute, but to correct and educate the offender and his parents.

The goal of the Slow Down & Live program is to make teens better, safer drivers which in turn benefits all drivers on the roadways.  If you see dangerous driving or reckless behavior by young drivers or their passengers report it to the zone office in your area. The information may end up saving some young person's life.

Anyone interested in more information about the Slow Down and Live program can contact any of the zone offices in your area by phone or e-mail.


Click Here for Zone Office Contact Information

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