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Law Enforcement Officers Memorial 

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In Memory of Our Fallen Comrades Who Made the Ultimate Sacrifice
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Each year on May 15th the Sheriff's Office honors our fallen officers with a Pray Breakfast and Ceremony.  The public is invited.  For more information please contact the Sheriff's Secretary at or 636-797-5028

  new badge2.gif (6326 bytes) Sheriff Leo C. Church

 new badge2.gif (6326 bytes)  Chief Deputy James H. Marsden

 new badge2.gif (6326 bytes)  Deputy William Myers

 new badge2.gif (6326 bytes)  Deputy Terry O'Connell

 new badge2.gif (6326 bytes)  Deputy James Garrison

Several other Law Enforcement Officers have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving the citizens of Jefferson County. Their Names will be honored and remembered

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Marshall Willis Dearing
DeSoto Police Department
December 16, 1897


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Deputy Constable Conrad Straher
Rock Township
June 3, 1930


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Deputy Constable Wallace B. Caudle
Rock Township
October 20, 1935


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Patrolman John H. LeCompte
Arnold Police Department
November 21, 1976


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Patrolman Steven Arthur Jarvis
Arnold Police Department
June 14, 1977


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Officer Stephen J. Strehl
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
November 19, 1993

Jefferson County Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

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We Will Remember
September 11, 2001

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