Home Rule Charter of Jefferson County, Missouri, Article VIII requires the establishment of a Merit System and two Merit System Commissions be formed.  One commission will be formed for county employees, other than employees of the Sheriff’s Department, and one for the Sheriff’s Department.


Section 8.5.2 reads as follows:  There must be a Sheriff’s Department Merit System Commission composed of five Citizens who are County residents, not more than three of whom may be members of the same political party, appointed by the Sheriff with the advice and consent of the County Council.  Members of the Sheriff’s Department Merit Commission must be in sympathy with the Merit System principles contained in this Charter, must hold no other appointed County office, must not be a County employee, must serve staggered terms of four years as provided by ordinance of the County Council.


Sheriff Boyer is pleased to announce the appointment of the following citizens as the members of the Sheriff’s Department Merit System Commission.


Mr. Ray Lauer of Hillsboro

Mr. Lou Stuart of Imperial

Mr. Jerry Rogers of House Springs

Mr. Lonnie Compton of Crystal City

Mr. Ken Duncan of Crystal City


Section 8.5.4 reads as follows:  The Sheriff’s Department Merit System Commission must hold review hearings and hear appeals concerning any Sheriff’s Department employee covered by the Merit System and must review and evaluate the Merit System operation and from time to time recommend to the County Council and the Sheriff changes in policies and procedures for improved operations of the Merit System.

Merit System Commission Meetings are posted in the Jefferson County Administration Building, Court House, and Justice Center.
The next Merit System Commission Meeting is scheduled for:  No scheduled meeting at this time