K9 Unit

A photo of Deputy Marc Gibson & Canine KaneThe Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office will utilize authorized canines to support in enforcement efforts along with subsidizing in searches of lost or missing persons. The canines shall be specially trained in all or any combination of suspect apprehension, searching for lost/missing persons and narcotics detection. When the canine units are not engaged in specific canine functions they will be assigned to the Road Patrol Division.

The general rule for deployment of a canine for suspect apprehension should be reserved for felony situations. In any given situation there are too many variables and affects to define absolute usage. Because of the possibility of serious bodily injury by means of the deployment of a canine for apprehension, the handler shall consider all other options for a successful apprehension prior to deployment. The handler shall also keep officer safety at the forefront during his/her decision making process. At no point shall officer safety or the safety of innocents be compromised if the handler can by way of articulable reasonable belief, explain the need for immediate deployment. 

Handlers shall provide verbal warnings when practical prior to apprehension attempts or apprehension searches or wherein the potential exists that a canine apprehension may occur. This warning shall be given unless the handler believes the announcement would significantly increase the risk of injury to him/her, assisting officers, or innocents. The warning may be waived if the process would aid the suspect in his/her escape. The handler must be able to justify this concern by way of articulable objective factors. The verbal warning may be given by the canine handler or another officer who was designated by the handler because of a more tactically safe position.

To request a K9 Demo, contact the K9 Supervisor at 636-797-5023.