Contact Visits

Contact visits are limited to privileged and professional visitors.  Privileged visits are those visits by an attorney, law enforcement, prosecutors, etc.

Professional visits are limited to clergy, psychologist, medical, etc. and should be pre-arranged and approved by the Jail Commander.  Professional visits are generally limited to Monday through Friday during regular business hours unless a documented, unusual need exists.  

Professional visits from members of the clergy are coordinated and approved by the Jail Commander or designee.  

Detainees on Administrative Segregation (Protective Custody) must have prior approval for the visit. These visits must be scheduled at a time which fits into the operational schedule of the facility. The detainee may receive one visit per week for up to 30 min. All other rules for Visitation apply.  The request for visit may be submitted by email to or by the detainee through a Special Visit Request. The request must include the date and indicate if mid-day or evening would be more convenient.