Visiting an Inmate

Certain restrictions apply to those who may visit.

Visitors must be 17 years of age or older, or accompanied by an adult.

Visitors must have a valid State/government issued identification, which has a photograph. The following are acceptable: driver’s license, Missouri State ID, Military ID, or passport.

Persons without a photo ID will not be admitted.

Visitors must wear appropriate clothing. Low-cut blouses, mini-skirts, short shorts and transparent or sheer clothing are strictly prohibited.

Male visitors must wear shirt with sleeves. No “muscle shirts” allowed.

Footwear is mandatory.

Smoking, eating or drinking are prohibited in the building or visiting area.

Contraband left for a Detainees by a visitor will result in possible criminal charges for the person involved. In the event a visitor wants to deposit money into your Detainees account they may do so at the kiosk located in the lobby on the second-floor building.

Visitation Rules and Regulations are as follows:

No smoking will be allowed by any inmate or visitor while in the visiting room.

Only three (3) visitors at a time per inmate will be allowed in the visiting room.

Recklessly, intentionally, or maliciously destroying, or tampering with County Property will generally result in prosecution.

No person who appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or narcotics will be permitted in the visiting room.

A warrant check is done on all visitors. A visitor with an outstanding warrant will not be permitted to visit and is subject to arrest.

No visitor under the authority of Probation or Parole will be permitted to visit.

No visitor will record or photograph the visitation area, the inmate, or any part thereof.

Any violation of the rules of visitation will result in immediate termination of the visit, and detainees may be subject to disciplinary procedures. Visitors who violate rules and regulations shall be subject to denial of access to future visits and criminal prosecution for any associated law violation.

There is no right to privacy during non-attorney visitation.  Your visitation period is recorded and may be monitored.