Bondsmen Notice

There have been some recent issues during the bonding process regarding the number of people requesting admission to the bonding area.  To address safety and security concerns and with regard to the limited space available only certain individuals will be admitted to the bonding area during the bonding process, please take notice accordingly:

Effective immediately, per inmate only one (1) bondsmen and one (1) family member/friend of the inmate over the age of eighteen (18) will be admitted to the bonding area and enter the facility.  All other individuals will be required to wait in the reception area or outside the facility. 

If multiple bondsmen or their staff report to prepare paperwork for the same inmate, only one will be allowed to enter the bonding area.  In the event that multiple bondsmen appear for different bonds but the same inmate, then only one bondsman will be admitted at a time until all bondsman have completed their business with the inmate.

I appreciate your assistance and cooperation.

Thank you,

Brenda Short
Jail Administrator
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office